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The genre of Soft Underbelly is called Narrative Non Fiction and whilst it is a true story I have aimed to take the reader on a suspense filled journey through my life from when I was four years old up until I was thirty two.

I did not start my life in search of drama it seems as though I was born into it.  For me it began at the tender age of four when I witnessed an act that remained indelibly inked into my subconscious from that day forward.

From that moment in time the domino effect was set in motion and just like falling dominos the chain reaction began.

Like a moth drawn to the flame I was irresistibly and dangerously attracted to “bad boys.”  Just like the roots of the weed go deep down into the earth, so too did my fascination with finding men who would dominate, control and even physically and emotionally abuse me.

Let’s face it, many Women love bad boys!  I didn’t know why I ignored the nice boys who wanted to date me.  I never consciously thought I needed to be punished.  I never told myself that I was unlovable and not worthy of being cherished and cared for.  But deep down that’s exactly how I felt, and that is exactly what I was searching for, someone to prove to me that my Mother had been right all along, and that I really was a green eyed, jealous, unlovable little girl.

Soft Underbelly weaves a path of destruction that takes the reader through the seedy side of Brisbane in the early 1980’s.  A time when criminals controlled the streets, many cops were on the take, and some of the state’s Magistrates were in their back pocket.

It is an arduous journey of self destruction that ultimately lands me in the arms of one of Victoria’s most callous gangsters in the 1990’s.

My hardest battle was trying to get away from him with my children alive!

Soft Underbelly
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