My first Book Signing Day

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I was asked to do a book signing at a book store who has been successfully selling my book.  “You are one of our favourite local authors” the beautiful manager of the store Taysa said.  “You are an absolute gem.”  She went on to say.

My big day arrived and my old negative self talk tried to sabotage the moment, with thoughts like, nobody will turn up, you won’t sign a book because nobody really wants to buy it let alone read your book. 

But, turn up they did, and buy my book they did, I proved my old self wrong, my new self held her head high and smiled as people asked to be photographed with me, and told me how great it was that I had the courage to write such a book.

I am sure that there will be times when my past poor self esteem will come out and try to undermine me, but I am learning that I can do this, that I am worthy of being thought of as a gem and an author.

I am forever grateful that I have found a way to conquer my demons.


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  • Weston Kincade

    Congrats Kat! This is wonderful, and the pictures are great. That self-doubt is in all of us authors, so don’t worry your head about it. Just keep pushing forward.

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