It has got to Stop!

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Yesterday I awoke to news that a Mother of four on the Gold Coast was murdered by her ex husband. She had been in fear of her life and was pleading for help to relocate herself and her children. Sadly she never reached safety in time. Her life was taken from her and her children by her ex husband and their father. He then took his own life.

Whenever I hear of these types of tragedies I thank God that I can count myself as one of the lucky ones. I survived and lived to tell my tale.

Statistics tell us that over 300,000 women are victims of Domestic Violence every year in Australia with between 80 and 100 being killed .

Research has revealed that domestic violence between parents has a deep and lasting impact on the children. Studies suggest that adults who witnessed domestic violence as children have a greater risk of becoming victims themselves.

It is time for our collective voices to become louder. It is time for this to stop!

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