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When I was little I used to dream that one day I would be famous. I loved acting and it seemed as though that would be my destiny, to walk the boards and perform to live audiences. I loved live theatre, I never suffered stage fright, I felt like this was my true calling.

Then as I grew from a little girl into a teenager I started turning my attention from scripts to boys, well okay as you will read in Soft Underbelly it was men!

I should not have been able to do that. My parents should have been keeping tighter reins on me and making sure I was home playing with the neighbourhood kids and not running amuck with men who should have known better than to be getting mixed up with a child.

Instead of taking my time to grow up, I grew up almost overnight.

As you will read in Soft Underbelly life taught me some valuable lessons.

Now I have another dream, and I am living it, I am writing. This dream will not be hijacked by men or self doubt.

Soft Underbelly is the first of many books I plan to write. Whilst Soft Underbelly is a true story I am not about to type cast myself into a specific genre.

Whilst I plan to write a sequel to Soft Underbelly, my next project is something a lot less confronting for me personally. My next book will be a work of Fiction. A thriller and it is already being written in my head.

As soon as I have my first baby (Soft Underbelly) released into the world my next child will begin to grow in vitro. The title of my next book is Entwined.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams!

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